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The Hotel and Associated Services

Being dog owners ourselves we completely understand the anxiety associated with trying to find a place for your Yuppy Puppy to stay when you have to travel for work or for play. At Yuppy Puppy Club we are delighted to offer our clients several alternatives to boarding kennels and unfamiliar faces and routines. Our service provides a comfortable and familiar, yet stress and hassle free service with numerous updates for you on our guest so you can relax whilst away, first class dog sitting! Sydney’s Yuppy Puppy Club is delighted to provide, photo, text, video updates to our clients on their dog as often as requested and can even organise Skype or Facetime catch ups as well.

The Hotel

For our dog walking clients we are happy to offer stays at The Hotel whilst you are away. This is a very exclusive option where our clients will stay as a guest in the home of the owner of Yuppy Puppy Club in her eastern suburbs home with her family and mini schnauzer Lola. Your dog will be treated as a member of her family for their stay. If a guest’s stay is across a weekday they will still be a part of their usual walking group and the rest of their day will follow as much as possible their normal routine with of course lots of extra love and cuddles.

Weekend guests will be spoilt with lots of walks, outings, play and lots of cuddles. No guest will ever be left unattended whilst they are staying at The Hotel. The Hotel only takes one guest at a time to ensure a high quality personalised service, making it one of Sydney’s most exclusive dog sitting Hotels. Our mission is to make sure your family member has a great time whilst you are away to minimize any stress or anxiety for yourself or your Yuppy Puppy .

Stays at the Hotel are $65 per night per dog and holiday rates do apply for public holidays.

In Home Stays

At Yuppy Puppy Club we appreciate that for some dogs being away from their home whilst you are away only adds to their stress and anxiety, so a stay at The Hotel is not always the best option. As a result we are delighted to offer In Home Stays as part of our services. Our In Home stays are a personalized service where one of our dog chaperones will stay in your house/apartment and keep your family member in its usual routine amongst its usual surroundings. We always try to partner client’s with their usual dog chaperone to minimize any anxiety or stress it may experience with your absence.

Prior to any In Home stay a briefing will always occur between the owner and chaperone to discuss every detail of what is required whilst you are away and to make sure both parties are comfortable with the arrangement.

In Home stays are always confirmed by consultation. Rates start at $70 per night.

In Home Visits

If you are not planning on being out of town for that long and simply need us to go and check in on your furry friend once or twice a day, Yuppy Puppy Club’s, In Home Visits may be the best option for you. We offer a variety of different options with respect to our In Home visits and like our other services in this space this is also tailored to our client’s needs. A meeting will always occur to discuss our client’s needs, with our aim being to make your life easier whilst you are away and to ensure that your four legged family member is well looked after.

1 hour visit including a walk is $30. 2 visits a day including a walk is $50.