Our Team

Peita-Maree Pyne

Owner and Chief Care Officer

Peita-Maree is the Owner and Chief Care Officer of Yuppy Puppy Club. Whilst living in a high rise apartment in TriBeca in New York with her husband and miniature schnauzer Lola, she saw the positive impact on a dog’s behaviour of an hour walk and socialiSation each day. Hearing about Peita-Maree’s love for dogs, she was approached by one of her neighbours to help with her French Bulldog Tiberius. Being a first time mother with a new born, Tiberius’s owner was struggling to find the time to take him out and as a result Tiberius was starting to act out. Peita-Maree would help with several walks a day and dog sitting when required for Tiberius. Word soon spread throughout the apartment block of Peita-Maree’s passion for dogs and before she knew it she was balancing her corporate job with walking and looking after her neighbours dogs. Yuppy Puppy Club was born.

Peita-Maree decided when she returned to Australia that she wanted to bring the boutique dog walking and dog sitting experience that she had provided and also witnessed in New York to Sydney. Before returning to Australia, she formalised her passion by attending the DogTec Institute where she became a qualified dog walker and sitter. She is also a member of Pets Australia.

On returning to Australia and basing herself and her family in a terrace in Sydney’s Inner City she realised that this was a great area to introduce the personalised, professional and tailored services of Yuppy Puppy Club. Peita-Maree is very active in the day to day activities of Yuppy Puppy Club and also is a dog chaperone for several of the walking groups. She treats all Yuppy Puppys like they are a member of her family and loves making a positive difference to the lives of the dogs of Sydney. She can’t wait to meet your four legged family member soon.

Leni Sechos

Dog Chaperone – In Home Stays

Leni has had a passion for animals ever since she has been able to walk and talk and has been working in the animal industry for seventeen years. For the majority of those years she has been working closely with dogs. Leni is extremely qualified when it comes to animal care having studied vet nursing, animal attending, captive animals and is currently studying Eco tourism.

Leni’s most recent experience has been in the grooming of dogs, but she also has experience as a doggy day care nanny and a vet nurse, which gives her a lot of experience in dog behaviour, especially handling dogs in a group environment. With Leni’s wealth of experience you are guaranteed that your fur babies are in good hands.

Leni is very passionate about the welfare of animals and previously owned a rescue centre and dog grooming salon where she was very involved in rehoming rescue puppies and kittens. She has also volunteered in overseas wildlife rehabilitation and conservation.

Leni is one of our qualified Chaperone’s who specialises in Yuppy Puppy Club’s In Home Stays. Leni will look after your dog/dogs whilst you are away and keep our pampered pet in its day to day routine with lots of love and cuddles, and leave your place exactly how you left it.