Why Life with A Dog Is Better?

Let’s face it – life is just better with a dog. Your pooch is your baby. He or she is a part of the family, and at times it’s harder to stay mad at our furry children than it is for our human children. Who wouldn’t want a dog? From taking him to the park and throwing frisbees to just enjoying walking around the block, life is never boring with a dog. At Yuppy Puppy Club in Sydney, NSW we could not imagine a life without our dogs. All dogs are treated like a member of the family when they come into our care whether it is for a dog walk or a stay at the hotel, our philosophy is only the best for our dogs. So why is Life with A Dog Better? Let’s look at some of the pro’s of having a dog.

If You Are Single and Ready to Mingle

  1. You need some Company

If you are a single and live alone, especially when first moving out, you are likely to get very lonely. You’re used to having someone around, and dogs will provide that needed company. They are always ready to happily greet you when you get home and miss you when you leave. They’ll also cuddle you when you need that affection, make great coffee dates and also are happy to snuggle on the sofa with you for a good night in! Getting out and walking is a great way to socialise with other dog lovers. You never know who you may meet at the dog park!!

  1. Prepares you for Children

For those that want children at some point, and it’s never too early to get prepared. Dogs are basically like children, only without the painful birthing process. They need to be fed, trained to go to the bathroom, and even trained behaviorally. They also need a lot of attention. Some also have separation anxiety, just like some kids! So, even if you are single and want kids in the future, get yourself a baby pooch to practice with!

If You Are Taken and Have Kids

  1. Children love animals

If you are married or have a significant other with kids, having a dog will guarantee they love animals. They’ll grow up with animals and appreciate and respect them later in life. It’s a way to make sure your kids have more compassion and acceptance. Then they’ll grow up and want dogs when they’re on their own. This, in turn, saves more dogs from the pound and ensures they have loving families.

  1. Company when kids are gone

Once your kids move out of the house, it’s going to feel emptier than usual. Why not have a furry kid still running around? Dogs will always need you even when your kids don’t and also don’t talk back.

  1. Responsibility

Kids need to learn responsibility, just like dogs need to learn how to behave with other people and animals. Teaching them how to take care of their dog sibling will ensure they will become responsible quicker. After all, they will learn to love the dog, and that means taking them outside when no one else is home and making sure he or she is fed every morning before school.

This is just a small list of some of the positives of letting a dog in your life. There are so many positives quotes about having a dog in your life, such as “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself” and  “ Love is” how excited your dog gets when you get home”, that it is clear how much a dog can touch people’s lives. At Yuppy Puppy Club we could not imagine life without them. Contact us now!