Why Life with A Dog Is Better?

Let’s face it – life is just better with a dog. Your pooch is your baby. He or she is a part of the family, and at times it’s harder to stay mad at our furry children than it is for our human children. Who wouldn’t want a dog? From taking him to the park […]

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What Breed of Dog Is Right For You And Your Family?

Deciding to get a dog is a huge decision. In making this decision you as a family are choosing to welcome another family member in to your home and your life. Before doing so it is important to choose a breed of dog that is right for your family situation and lifestyle. After all, you […]

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What to ask your dog walker in Sydney before you hire them

With the busy lives most of us live every day, having someone to walk your dog is a big help. However, putting your four-legged family member in the hands of a stranger can be quite daunting and unsafe in the wrong hands.  What do you really know about the person you are trusting with your […]

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Welcome to Yuppy Puppy Club

Welcome to the Yuppy Puppy Club! Yuppy Puppy Club has arrived in Sydney and Leni and myself could not be more excited to start meeting all the gorgeous dogs of Sydney!!  Dogs are our passion and we are here to make your life easier by helping with your Yuppy Puppy where ever we can. There […]

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