Benefits of an In-House Dog Sitter or Dog Hotel for your furry family member for your next trip

Sometimes one of the biggest stresses dog owners face is what to do with their four legged family member when they travel.  Some of us tend to ask friends or neighbours to look after our fur babies whenever we travel, which is a huge favour and it is hard to completely relax on your holiday wondering if your dog is being treated how you would treat them. Others tend to rely on kennels at the vet or services where they pick up the dog and take them away and you are really not too sure what conditions they are staying in or what your much loved pet is up to each day . Both of these options are completely fine but do often lead to anxiety both for your pet and for you. There are other options out there that can offer you and your pet a better experience. An in house pet sitter or dog hotel in Sydney may be something you should consider as a trial for your next trip. Here’s why.

Benefits of Dog Hotels in Sydney

  1. Dog Walking Services

This service generally comes standard in all dog hotels. No need to worry about your dog not getting enough exercise while you are away. It also gets rid of the need to hire a dog walker or constantly remind your friends or neighbours to take your dog for a walk. Some hotels walk dogs twice a day, some up to four times a day. Be sure to inquire beforehand.

  1. Proper Diet

Exclusive dog hotels offer nutritious meals that are high quality and great for your pup. The dog hotel will also be able to cater to any specific dietary needs your dog requires, taking the dog’s specific health problems into consideration. Snacks and treats are also generally part of the package.

  1. Playtime

Leaving your dog with friends or neighbours may result in your dog not receiving enough attention or socialisation. The staff at dog hotels gives your dog all the attention and playtime he/she deserves. This helps ensure your four-legged friend stays happy while you’re away.

Benefits of In House Stays

  1. Dog keeps to their routine and surroundings

For some elderly or anxious dogs or for people who have more than one dog, having them stay at a hotel may not be the best option for a variety of reasons. If you would like your dog to be disturbed as little as possible from their daily routine and their surroundings having an in house sitter stay with them may be a better option. This way their daily routine is not interrupted at all.

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