What to ask your dog walker in Sydney before you hire them

With the busy lives most of us live every day, having someone to walk your dog is a big help. However, putting your four-legged family member in the hands of a stranger can be quite daunting and unsafe in the wrong hands.  What do you really know about the person you are trusting with your dog?  That’s why, when looking for a dog walker in Sydney, the interview process should not be skipped. Here are a few questions to help you choose the most qualified walker.


Choosing the Right Dog Walker in Sydney

  1. What Training do You Have?

Choosing someone who has some kind of training in canine first aid, body language/dog behaviour, and pack management can be the difference between life and death for your dog, as emergency situations such as snake bites can occur at any time.


  1. What Training Methods and Equipment Do You Use?

It is important that your potential walker uses positive reinforcement-based training. They should be able to keep dogs under control without using shock collars, chokes, or prongs. A big part of their job is to make sure your dog has a good time.


  1. How Many Dogs do you Walk at a Time?

The more dogs they walk at once, the higher the chance of conflict, injuries, distraction, and lost dogs.


  1. How do you put your walking packs together?

If the walker has proper training they will be putting their packs together by considering a dog’s size, weight, age and temperament. This way all dogs in the group will be safe and enjoy their outing.


  1. Request a Test Walk

Even though you may be charged for their time, a test run (walk) will allow you to witness firsthand how they interact with your dog before you sign the contract. Your dog’s reaction to this new walker will probably be the most important aspect of this interview.


Dog Walking Service in Sydney

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